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REQ: Competition (adult!GotenksXreader)
REQ: Competition (Adult!GotenksXreader)
(A/N: Requested. Uh, for the sake of this one shot, let's imagine Trunks and Goten realised they suck individually and permanently fused or... something? Race neutral, ooc as expected.)
A light shower of rain falls from above, it was not unwelcome given the summers heat, you raise your head, eyes closed, letting the refreshing water cool your skin for a moment before returning to your task.
You look down at the radar in your hand, the forth dragon ball was close by. Your (e/c) shift to survey your surroundings, you were in the middle of a large forest, the distinct scent of damp earth was everywhere. Tall mossy trees towered over you, their leafy ceiling sheltering you from most of the rain as well as the suns harsh glare.
You walk forwards, trampling tiny bluebells strewn across the grassy carpet as you hunt for that final sphere, this would of course be so much easier where it not for the thick vegetation that enveloped the area.
If you could j
:iconchilly28:Chilly28 18 0
My Muse (Narsus x Reader)
Another day had passed in Peshawar for (Y/N). It’s been just over a week ever since you were first welcomed into the fortress. You had been an old friend of Narsus and an even older friend of Daryun. In fact, you had even met the young prince back when he was eleven. But you being the nurse maid and trained guard of one of the Parsian nobles’ daughters, had to stay rooted to your master and never got to see any of your old friends often. It was only until the Lusitania finally took over the city when you were able to escape. You vowed to forever pledge your allegiance to the young prince, unlike the noble you worked for, who easily took the side of the Lusitanians in order to keep his wealth.
You were now one of Arslan’s advisers, thanks to the persuasion of Narsus, and even Daryun. You also took the time to teach Arslan in the art of sword fighting to help better his skills. Everyone knew he needed it.
In fact, you had just finished training with Arslan for the day a
:iconmelizza-bear:Melizza-Bear 21 2
My Favorite Treat (Narsus x Reader)

At the time you were more than happy that Narsus had arrived to Peshawar safely. You had already been there along with Daryun, Prince Arslan, Gieve, and your partner, the priestess, Falangies. You yourself were a person of the temple and you were the second best warrior next to Falangies, therefore you were both sent to aid and protect the young prince.
Upon meeting the Prince, you felt that he was kind and would make a fine ruler. After all, he did have very good advisors to support him, that included the noble, Lord Narsus. When you first met the ex-Parsian noble and his servant, Elam, you were of course suspicious of them. But you quickly warmed up to them, which Falangies quickly called you out on. Unlike you, that woman seemed to have a heart of stone, which was most likely due to the fact that she took her job as a priestess and spiritual guide seriously. You, on the other hand, although did take your position serious, couldn't hel
:iconmelizza-bear:Melizza-Bear 17 1
Nightwing x Reader: Survivor

:bulletblack: :bulletblue: Nightwing x Reader: Survivor :bulletblue: :bulletblack:

It had started when he'd saved her from a mugging gone wrong. (F/n) had convinced herself in the months that followed the attack, that she had merely been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. . . But deep down she knew better. Gotham was the kind of place that bred the scum of the earth. So, it was logical to assume that someone, somewhere would be royally screwed over.
She had been coming home from work, when she'd been cornered at gunpoint. She had handed her purse and valuables over without a fuss. No material goods were worth her life. But even after the mugger was holding everything she had, he hadn't lowered the gun. Instead, the man had grinned manically and gotten ready to pull the trigger. . . Then, he had swooped in to save the day. 
Ever since then it had been all she could think about. . . It was terrifying. Reliving it . . . Only the thought of how
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 99 25
Trunks X Reader 'close your mouth'
You were addicted to music, that was no secret.
Anyone who knew you, knew that. Almost all the time you were listening to music, either with your earphones, headphones, phone, iPod, tiny speaker, and on your portable radio. You carried all this stuff with you everywhere.
It was pretty ironic, you didn't talk much, not even to your friends but you were always singing or humming.
You did it unknowingly, it's like you just couldn't stop from releasing the sweet sound from escaping your lips. And damn did you have a voice.
One minute you could sing soflty and the next you were busting out some heavy af rock and roll.
The school's choir asked you multiple times to join but you always politely denied. No one knew why, you loved music, you had a unique talent and yet you didn't share it with the world, only to those around you.
You were pretty weird, in a good way.
And your fashion sense, dear Lords.... It depended on what track you chose to hear that day.
If you were busting out some country
:icondiabonicalgirl:diabonicalgirl 18 6
Lonely (Daddy!Doctor Strange x Mommy!Reader)
 WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE! READ AT YOUR OWN CAUTION! (Also use of some strong language). And even though this follows the movie, all adaptions of the characters are free to use!
 Originally to be titled, "Helpless" or "Coming Back to You". Couldn't figure out a name for this as DA limits characters to title your work. :(
 Doctor Strange (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself
You grumbled as you heard the tap of feet rumble around on the floor. Slowly, opening your eyes, your blurred vision blindly glanced at a little girl with (h/c) hair and bright (e/c) eyes. She was dressed in her clothes already, having her backpack sling on her back, her hair done in (f/h/s). She glanced up at you with a smile, nudging you by the arm.
 "Come on, Mommy! I'm going to be late for school!" the girl said, joyfully. "Daddy says it's your turn to take me."
 You smiled but muttered, wanting to go back to sleep. You really wished that there would ha
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 122 25
Spirits |Dr. Strange|
The Bar With No Doors,
on an altered dimension only mystics can find,
Manhattan, New York.

“Dark, Smooth, and Dreamy, huh?”
“Stephen, don't. Just drink your cursed drink—” the barkeep was rudely interrupted as a flash of red flew past his face, crimson cape slapping a customer's unprepared drink out of his hand.
Stephen Strange—the man wearing the cape—turned to you in a dazed yet collected state.
“I'm dark and smooth... and I can be dreamy,” he raised a playful brow at you, holding up his bottle of booze as he read its slogan. The extremely overwhelming feeling of first, and secondhand embarrassment washed over you as you turn away from the scene to quickly cast a spell of invisibility.
The men that entered The Bar With No Doors usually carried their own quirks, what with the whole being a wizard thing and all but you never dared to walk up to the regulars; they were well beyond your reach and most definitely o
:iconmercwiththemeth:MercWithTheMeth 39 21
Doctor Strange/Reader Chapter 6
Stephen's P.O.V:
After the fight with Dormammu and (Y/N)'s mindcontrol she disappeared completely. It's like she just vanished from earth's surface. The Avengers and I searched earth, looked everywhere possible. I used my astral projection to look everywhere as it is faster and easier, but no luck so far. I even went to Attilan to ask king Black Bolt and Queen Medusa if by chance (Y/N) went there, but she wasn't there either.
At least that's as far as they knew. Though, I doubt they wouldn't notice someone entering Attilan.
Once the mindcontrol was broken I was able to see how much it bothered her. She was terrified even. When she looked around herself and was able to see her friends, all wounded by her own attacks, it is eating her up inside, I know that.  
That's why it is even more important for me to find her. To let her know it wasn't her fault.
But she is nowhere to be found. I can't sense her on earth. I was meditating for hours on end, day for day, but nothing. The Avenger
:iconkonanbases:KonanBases 15 2
Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part 3)
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part Three) :bulletpurple: 

It had been three days since (F/n) had come to stay in the Moving Castle. But as the fox gently padded across the floor and jumped onto the stone hearth, it felt like she’d been there for an eternity. In the short span of 3 mere days, the young woman had grown accustomed to life in the Castle, as well as the Wizard and Fire Demon that lived there. Though she had been unable to speak her thoughts aloud, Howl and Calcifer seemed to understand basics and had made her feel completely welcome.
Calcifer would jabber incessantly to her about all sorts of things, while she sat beside him. He’d even complimented the fiery color of her fur on one occasion, which had made (F/n) bashfully hide her nose beneath her paws. And Howl had done his best to make her feel at ease, having gone to the trouble of creating her a bed of pure silk and a pillow ten-times bigger than her body. He had a
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 120 57
Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part 2)
:bulletpurple: Howl x Reader: Vixen (Part Two) :bulletpurple: 

(F/n) had originally thought that going with Howl would be a good course of action. . . Now, she wasn’t so sure. They had been walking for several minutes now through the crowds, and the young woman was a nervous wreck. After hiding from humans for so long, she felt out of place in the midst of them. Even with the sorcerer carrying her. . . Her uncertainty grew even worse, with all the stares that were coming her way. Though she suspected that a lot of the attention was going to her good looking companion as well.
Howl, who sensed her unease, squeezed her reassuringly. “Not used to being scrutinized, are you, dear?”
(F/n) snuffled in agreement as they passed into the main square. She looked around warily, before focusing on several women who were eyeing them as they walked by. Howl followed her line of sight before chuckling.
“I’m not sure who they’re admiring betwe
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 161 66
Drop-Dead Beauty (Undertaker X Reader! Prostitute)
Another dreary day has dawned in London, and for you, it happens to be business as usual, well, almost. Your job as an escort has always been a run-of-the-mill gig as being a sexy woman, doing your best to give any man with enough money an ego boost. Some "appointments", as you inconspicuously call them, are more explicit than others, but it's where you have found the most money to be made. You have managed to work up your own reputation though, despite your shady line of work. At this point, your typical clients include wealthy aristocrats, politicians, socialites, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and the occasional upperclassman's wife, looking for an exotic rendezvous away from her boring man. It was all the same to you though: solid money, and with this money, you continued to better your life, not to mention your wardrobe.
Today, you wore a luxurious number of emerald velvet. A leather corset fitted your torso and bodice, so you kept your posture high and stiff. The fabric picked up
:iconlawlietlady:LawlietLady 12 44
Undertaker x Reader - Goodnight, Darling
Undertaker x Reader - Goodnight, Darling - quick one-shot
Sorry about how utterly short this is!
Please, please, please read the description before continuing.
"F/n, I don't think you've ever looked so pretty." The Undertaker whispered as he knelt by your bedside. He tried his best to be as quiet as he could. After all, you were sleeping. He didn't want to wake you. He could tell you were overly tired before you fell into your slumber. The grey haired man's long fingernails gently scratched against your smooth cheek as he traced his fingers up and down your jawline.
The bed you were laying in was perfect. In fact, the Undertaker made it just for you, years and years ago. He tried to show you it multiple times in the past, but you were only disturbed by it. He never understood why; it was beautiful! It was deepest shade of navy, similar to a priceless jewel a noble may have worn. It matched the elegant rose that was in your hair as you sl
:iconletterstowords:LetterstoWords 95 24
Undertaker x shinigami!Reader,Nursery, one-shot
~Your P.O.V.~
"Ghehehehe, you're it! You're it!"
"Whaat? No i'm not, you're cheating Ronald! Cheater cheater!"
"I'm not a cheater! I'm just better then you in the game"
"Take that back!" "Hey! You bumped into me! Now i have to start over again!"
Ronald and Grell ran around the room, bumping into William who was drawing.
The three of them were so young but so full of energy, except William ofcourse who would rather sit down and draw.
"Hey! Ronald, Grell! Stop running! You're gonna fall down some day if you keep doing that!" I said and ran after the two.
"Ofcourse that won't happen! _________ is just too protecti-" Grell chuckled but then let out a 'huh' when he tripped over his own feet.
Ronald let out a gasp and immediately stopped running when the heard a loud thump of Grell landing on the floor.
"Uwaahhh! I hurt my knee!" Grell cried out and started crying.
I let out a sigh and knelt down next to him.
"I told you so"i chuckled and he pouted.
When i looked at his knee i noticed that h
:iconjessicaxchen:Jessicaxchen 505 94
Fortune: Sephiroth x Reader
NOTE: Your character met Sephiroth during Crisis Core, before he became a villain.  This takes place two years after The Promised Day, right before Final Fantasy: Advent Children.  
*An excerpt from the poem LOVELESS in Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
“Would you like fortune?” The old woman asked you happily as you passed by the carnival tent.  
It was the beginning of spring, and both you and Tifa had decided that maybe Denzel and Marlene would like to attend one of the festivals being held on the edge of the city.  Geostigma had been spreading everywhere, and it was nice to see the kids with smiles on their faces.  Cloud had even managed to come along.  It was nearing the afternoon, and you had left the kids with Cloud and Tifa to wonder the stalls alone.
Confused, you looked at the small woman in front of you.  “I’m not sure my fortune will be very good.
:iconsubmergedmermaid:SubmergedMermaid 103 14
The Last Alliance by JaneDoemmmmm The Last Alliance :iconjanedoemmmmm:JaneDoemmmmm 500 27
Fall Of Gil-Galad
"Gil-Galad was an Elven-king.
Of him the harpers sadly sing:
The last whose realm was fair and free
between the mountains and the Sea.
His sword was long, his lance was keen,
his shining helm afar was seen;
the countless stars of heaven's field
where mirrored in his silver shield.
But long ago he rode away,
and where he dwelleth none can say;
for into darkness fell his star
in Mordor where the shadows are."
The fellowship of the Ring J.R.R Tolkien
:iconreinoutjansen:ReinoutJansen 2 0




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